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Broncos Unwrapped – Round 20 vs. Sharks

Broncos Unwrapped Sharks

There’s definitely more than one way to win. You have your ‘pretty’ wins, where everything goes to plan. And you have your ‘ugly’ wins, where you just scrape through. Well, mark Thursday, 27th of July down as one of the Broncos’ toughest wins in their recent history.

But as always, we’ll find out why as we go through the Good, the Bad, and the Unknown from Thursday’s clash.


The Good

Stat Smashers

There’s a strong correlation between having a high percentage of the ball, and winning the game. And if you’re the team that can control territory, you’ll normally go a long way towards winning. Yeah, no one told the Broncos any of that.

According to Fox Sports’ stats, the Broncos held only 45% of possession. And to make it worse, the ball spent 59% of its time in the Broncos’ half. That means that Brisbane had very few chances to attack the Sharks’ line.

To win without having chances to score is always an impressive feat.

Alex Glenn

We’ve applauded his left-side attacking raids before, but it was his outrageous courage in defence that earned our admiration this week. Not many players can suffer a broken wrist, then be back in the line, ready to make a try-saving tackle on the very next play.

The preliminary word is that he’ll be missing for 4-8 weeks. But for any Broncos fan, that’s 4-8 weeks too many.


An artist’s impression of the sort of stuff Alex Glenn is made of.


The Bad

Matt Moylan

Well, from a Broncos’ perspective, this is a Good. But it was actually that hard to pull negatives from last night’s game. But anyway, the young half had an absolute shocker.

Starting things off, he drops a ball colder than an ice cream in Iceland – destroying a terrific opportunity to attack. Then, he sums up that his team has the numbers on the right edge, and delicately passes the ball straight to Darius Boyd (who set it up for Oates to score). And to ice this deliciously awful cake, he concedes the penalty to set up the Broncos’ second try.

If you could award a Man of the Match award to the player most responsible for the win last night, Moylan would have it – hands-down.

Shane Flanagan

Gee the Sharks are copping a roasting. But then again, they really should have won.

That didn’t stop Shane Flanagan from finding every excuse possible in his post-match press conference though. The Sharks’ head coach ripped into a variety of calls, claiming the refereeing simply ‘wasn’t up to scratch.’

So let’s just clarify a few things:

  1. Jamayne Isaako brilliantly got his foot between the ball and the ground in Leutele’s attempt at a try. At no point did it touch the ground. You can’t just claim ‘it’s not conclusive’ when you can conclusively see it wasn’t grounded. Fair call.
  2. The Broncos won by 2, and the Sharks missed a conversion. And not just any conversion, a shot from right in front. The sort of range you could throw it over from. When you miss a shot like that, you can’t claim it was the ref’s errors that cost you. It was your own.

Our resident artist’s impression of Shane Flanagan’s handling of their Round 20 result.


The Unknown

Rumours Aplenty

The Broncos are chasing Ivan and Nathan Cleary. No, they’re chasing Mitchell Moses. No wait, they’re really chasing Anthony Seibold away from the Rabbitohs. And next week, no doubt the rumours will be that Jarryd Hayne has always dreamed of being the Broncos’ halfback/coach.

The Broncos are charging towards a very strong finish to the year, but the media is treating them like the Kardashians. Why aren’t we talking about how well Isaako is handling the added pressures of steering a defensive line from fullback? Or how Oates is carving up that left edge? And speaking of, have you heard he’s rumoured to be heading north?

If the Broncos get caught in the media circus, they might take their focus off their performances. And if they don’t, they’re a serious chance of going all the way in 2018.

The ball’s in the Broncos court now.


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