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Brisbane Broncos Pop-Up Tee Challenge

Ready to make your very own kicking tee? Check out the blueprints below!

To prove these tees are up to the job, we gave them a trial with some of the best in the business. See how Jamayne Isaako, Anthony Milford, and Jordan Kahu handled our Pop-Up tees in the Brisbane Broncos Pop-Up Tee Challenge!

How to build the tee:

All you need to get started is:

  • A cardboard box (if you haven’t got one lying around, the Book Carton at your local Box Shop can make over 10 tees for only $4!)
  • Some scissors or a box-cutting knife
  • The blueprints below.

Kids, make sure you have a grown-up use the scissors or knife. Your job is to do the kicking!

  1. Print out the blueprint below, and cut out pieces A and B.
  2. Trace 2x of Piece A, and 2x of Piece B onto some cardboard.
  3. Cut out all 4 pieces, and slide them together. If they won’t slide into place, trim a little more from the gaps joining them.
  4. Once it’s together, you’re ready to go!


The Blueprints

If you’re looking for more distance, you’ll want our Big-Booter Tee!

If you’re looking for greater accuracy, download our Pro-Shooter Tee!



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